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Create unique animated videos that make you stand out from the crowd.
Sell more with animated videos.

Use animation in your marketing - and feel the difference on your bottom line.

In a world where digital media dominates, it can be a challenge to make your message stand out. But with LION Creative's animated films, you're always one step ahead.

Animated films are a powerful tool for communicating complex messages in a simple and understandable way. They take your ideas and turn them into engaging visual narratives that can capture and hold the attention of your audience. In a time when attention is a scarce resource, animation can be the key to getting your business seen and heard.

What's more, animated films are incredibly flexible. They can be used to explain complex processes, illustrate product features, educate your audience, and even tell brand stories in a unique and memorable way.

Let us help you create a stronger connection with your audience, drive more engagement and improve your marketing with the power of animation. Your success is our mission.

Sell more with animated videos

10 great reasons to use animation


Professional look

Be taken seriously by your customers by showcasing your business, products/services in a credible and authentic way.


Get more sales

With compelling, high-quality video and sharp communication, you'll attract more customers to your business.


Unfair advantage

Humans are naturally drawn to storytelling. Use video as your secret weapon and gain market share from your competitors.

Animation as marketing

What is animation?

Animation is a dynamic and creative art form that uses movement and visual effects to tell a story or convey a message. Unlike traditional film, which requires physical environments and actors, animated films can create entire universes from scratch, offering unlimited possibilities for creativity and imagination.

Animated films span a wide range of styles, from classic hand-drawn animation and stop-motion to computer-generated 3D animation. Regardless of the style, animated films have the unique ability to transform complex concepts and abstract ideas into clear, engaging and easy-to-understand visual narratives.

At LION Creative, we use this powerful art form to help brands express their identity, explain their products and services, and create deeper connections with their audience.

We look forward to making your vision a reality through the magic of animation.

Animated videos from a to z

How are animated films produced?

Creating an animated film is an easy and creative process that involves six key steps:

1. idea development: We start with a conversation where we dive into your ideas, needs and the message you want to convey with your animated film.

2. Storyboard and script: We create a storyboard and script that form the foundation of your animation. You will have the opportunity to review and approve these before we move forward.

3. Design and Illustration: Once the storyboard is approved, our team will start designing and illustrating scenes, characters and elements for your animation.

4. Animation: Next, we animate the elements and bring your story to life.

5. Sound and Music: We add voiceover, sound effects and background music if desired to enhance the experience.

6. Finished Product: Finally, you'll have your finished animated film, ready to engage your audience and convey your message.

Examples of Animation films we have produced

Play video about Animated film VISMA Dataløn, LION Creative

Explainer video for VISMA / Dataløn

We are proud to present an outstanding animated film that we produced for our valued clients at VISMA / Dataløn. This project required a deep understanding of our clients' unique needs, desires and brand personality, and we were honored to be given the opportunity to take on this challenge. From start to finish, we took care of all the necessary elements - beginning with creating an inviting storyboard, designing vibrant graphic elements, creating catchy animations, crafting an appropriate sound design and finally delivering the finished film.

VISMA / Dataløn had a specific vision for their animation film. They wanted a high-end feel to their universe that would be reflected in their specific color tones and brand colors. This was taken on board and we went to great lengths to incorporate these wishes into the overall design of the film so that it exactly matched their brand identity and expectations.

After completing the project, we were pleased to see that our client's reaction was as positive as we had hoped. VISMA and Dataløn expressed great satisfaction with the result, which gave us great pleasure. Getting to the values and messages that are important to our clients is always our primary goal, and this project was no exception. Working on such an exciting project and seeing it come to life has been a great pleasure and an enriching experience for our entire team.

Finally, we would like to highlight that this animated film was created by LION Creative's talented animation team, consisting of Chris Bjerremose and Tine Silke. Their hard work, dedication and creativity have been crucial to the success of the project. They both have an unrivaled ability to understand and translate our clients' visions into vibrant and engaging animations.

We are delighted to have helped VISMA / Dataløn convey their message in an easy and compelling way that their target audience can easily understand.

Animated film for Middelfart District Heating

We are very proud to have had the opportunity to produce a unique animated film for our valued client, Middelfart District Heating. From the first moment the idea started to take shape until the finished film was delivered, we have taken care of every aspect of the process. This includes everything from sketching and developing the storyboard, designing and refining the graphic elements, to bringing it all to life through great animation and sound design that completes the overall experience.

Throughout this creative process, we coordinated closely with the team from Middelfart District Heating to ensure that every detail of the film was in line with their vision and expectations. We worked closely with them to understand their specific needs, wants and goals for the film. This deep understanding of our client's unique perspective is one of the things that makes LION Creative unique in our field.

Working with Middelfart District Heating has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Seeing our collective ideas and efforts come to life in the form of a finished animated film has been a great joy. Knowing that our work has contributed to their success and helped them convey their message in an engaging and memorable way gives us great satisfaction.

We are happy with the strong partnership we have built with Middelfart District Heating and we very much look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future. We are excited to see what our joint creativity and innovation will bring in the upcoming projects.

The animation film is made in close collaboration with FIF - Fjernvarmens Informations Fond.

Play video about Danish Animation Films, LION Creative
Play video about Animation video - The 10 hottest - Fjernvarmens Informationsfond and LION Creative. Animation

Animated film for the District Heating Information Fund

We have had the great honor of producing a remarkable animation film for our valued partner, Fjernvarmens Informationsfond. This project has been an in-depth creative journey where every detail has been handled with great care and professionalism by LION Creative.

The work on the animation film started in the early idea phase, where we worked with Fjernvarmens Informationsfond to shape the basic narrative that would form the foundation of the finished product. From the initial ideas to the final concept, our team has been fully committed to creating a product that is both unique and perfectly suited to the needs and wishes of Fjernvarmens Informationsfond.

Our work didn't stop at the ideation phase. We also took care of designing an inviting storyboard that visually represented the story we wanted to tell. In addition, we created the graphic elements that helped give the movie its distinctive look and feel. The animation was created with a meticulous hand so that each frame flowed smoothly into the next, and the complete experience was enhanced with a carefully selected sound design.

Together with Fjernvarmens Informationsfond, we've had the privilege of creating a film that not only meets their expectations, but transcends them. Through our collaboration, we've been able to dive deep into their values, mission and vision, which has helped us create a film that reflects exactly what they stand for.

Watching the finished animation come to life has been an incredibly rewarding experience. We are proud of the product we have created together with Fjernvarmens Informationsfond and we are thrilled to have contributed to their success. We look forward to continuing our work together and enthusiastically anticipate the new creative challenges that the future holds.

Animation Film for Glostrup Forsyning

Bringing an idea to life through animation is always an exciting process, and our project with Glostrup District Heating was no exception. In close collaboration with Fjernvarmens Informationsfond, we set out to develop a film that explains the process of installing district heating in a house and neighborhood in a clear and understandable way.

From the start, our goal was to create a visual narrative that would make it easy for Glostrup District Heating's customers to understand the entire process from excavation to final installation of their new district heating system. We used animation as a powerful tool to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to everyone.

In our approach to design and animation, we made use of graphic elements that are easily recognizable to Glostrup Fjernvarme's customers. It was important for us to create a visual experience that was both informative and consistent with Glostrup District Heating's brand identity. We closely followed the Design Manual for Glostrup District Heating and integrated the specified colors and icons to ensure the film was in harmony with the company's visual guidelines.

Every step of the process was handled with great attention to detail, from the initial storyboard to the finished product. We are proud to have delivered an animation that not only meets our client's expectations, but also makes a complex process understandable and accessible to their customers. Being able to contribute to a better understanding of district heating installation through our work has been an incredibly rewarding experience for our entire team at LION Creative.

Play video about Animation film for Glostrup District Heating, LION Creative

Life is too short

to scare your customers away with bad animation. We know how much it takes to run a business. You and your customers deserve better.

But... isn't animation expensive?

Animated films don't have to be expensive at all. Obviously, the more information that needs to be communicated and the more things that need to be animated in your film, the longer the animation film will take to produce.

But it doesn't have to be expensive. On the contrary, it can be a cheaper solution than many other communication methods as animation doesn't require real people, locations, etc.

Animated films are an investment, but they can provide an incredible return. With their unique ability to capture attention, explain complex ideas and create lasting impressions, animated films can increase brand awareness, conversions and sales.

"We don't know how to use animation."
At LION Creative, we not only help you create animated films, but we can also guide you on how to best use them in your marketing strategy. Whether it's on social media, your website, email marketing or at trade shows, animated films can help amplify your message and engage your audience.

"Animated films are for kids.
This is a common misconception.While many children's films are animated, animated films can be tailored to all age groups and subject areas. They can make complex or dry topics fun and interesting, making them an effective tool for communicating with all kinds of audiences.

"We've never used animation before."
There's a first time for everything, and it can be an opportunity to try something new and improve your marketing strategy. At LION Creative, we support you throughout the process and make sure you feel confident and happy with the final result. An animated film can be the breath of fresh air your marketing needs.

Animated films come in many forms, and some are particularly effective for modern marketing. Here are some of the most popular types:

1. explainer videos: These are short animated videos that accurately and effectively explain a product, service or idea. They are great for simplifying complex concepts and making them easily understandable to the audience.

2. product videos: These animated videos focus on showcasing a product's features, functions and benefits. They can be used to demonstrate how a product works, making it easier for customers to understand and appreciate it.

3. 3D animations: 3D animations are great for creating realistic, detailed and dynamic representations of products, processes or ideas. They are ideal for illustrating product designs or architectural constructions in a visually striking way.

4. Brand videos: These animated films are designed to tell a company's story, values and mission. They can help build a stronger emotional connection with audiences and create greater brand loyalty.

5. Social media videos: These shorter animated videos are tailored to capture attention on social media platforms. They are quick, engaging and designed to be shared, which can increase brand awareness and reach.

At LION Creative, we have experience and expertise in all these types of animations and can help you choose the one that best suits your marketing needs.

Animation and motion graphics are two popular visual techniques, but they are often used differently and have their unique strengths.

Animation refers to the technique of creating the illusion of motion by displaying a series of images or 'frames' in rapid succession. This can be in the form of 2D drawings, 3D models, or even stop-motion, which involves manipulating physical objects and photographing them frame-by-frame. Animation is often character-driven and narrative in nature. It is used to bring characters to life and tell stories that appeal to our emotions. An example would be a short film that uses animated characters to tell an engaging story.

Motion graphics, on the other hand, are more abstract and often text-based. This technique uses animation and graphic design to present information in a visual and easy-to-understand way. Motion graphics are often used in advertisements, title sequences, explainer videos and infographics to highlight important points, visualize data, or explain complex concepts.

While both techniques have overlaps, they differ in their application and aesthetics. At LION Creative, we are skilled in both of these disciplines and can help you choose the right one for your project.

Animated films have a unique ability to capture the audience's attention and make complex information easy to understand, making them a powerful tool in modern marketing. But why do animated films convert better than other media?

1. Engaging and Memorable: Animations are visually appealing and can tell a story in an entertaining and engaging way. This captures users' attention and increases the likelihood of them remembering your brand and message.

2. Comprehensibility: Animations can break down complex ideas into easily digestible concepts. When customers better understand what you offer and how it can benefit them, they are more likely to buy your product or service.

3. Flexibility: Animations can be tailored to represent any topic, brand or idea, no matter how abstract. This allows you to create exactly the impression you want.

4. Shareability: Due to their engaging and easy-to-understand nature, animated films are perfect for sharing on social media, increasing your reach and potential to gain new customers.

At LION Creative, we leverage these advantages to create effective animated films that help your brand convert more effectively.

At LION Creative, we know that animated films are more than just entertainment - they are powerful tools that can be used in a variety of ways to boost your business. Here are some specific ways you can use animation:

1. product presentations: A detailed 3D animated film can show your product from all angles, highlighting features and illustrating how it works. This gives your customers a clear and detailed overview of your product and helps them understand its value.

2. Explainer videos: Do you have a complex service, app or concept that's hard to explain in words? A short explainer video can break it down into easy-to-understand steps and make it easier for your customers to understand.

3. Training and education: Animated films are perfect for training and education as they can make complex information easy to understand and remember. Whether it's internally to train your staff or externally to educate your customers, animation can make learning more engaging.

4. Brand storytelling: You can use animation to tell your company's story, communicate your values and build an emotional connection with your audience. This can help strengthen your brand and build loyalty among your customers.

5. Social media and marketing: Short, catchy animated videos are perfect for sharing on social media. They can help increase your online presence, engage your audience, and attract new followers and potential customers.

At LION Creative, we can help you take advantage of these opportunities to create unique, impactful animated films that help your business grow.

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Buch ConstructionRasmus Buch, Founder
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We have been a customer of LION Creative for 3 years, during which Buch Construction has really taken off. We have grown over 800% since we started working with LION Creative. Martin and his skilled team are on top of everything with marketing, film, storytelling and strategy. It's very reassuring to have someone on the team who just knows their stuff, so we can stay fully focused on the things we are good at at Buch Construction.
KPMGAnouska Wage, Talent Acquisition Specialist
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I have had the pleasure to work with LION Creative and Martin on several projects. He is very creative, comes with great input, the communication is easy and the team is flexible and hard working to meet the deadlines. And most importantly, the results have been amazing. The videos Martin and LION Creative create are a great success internally in KPMG, and externally.
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Martin and LION Creative have played a central role in the creation of the Balance2Perform project, as Martin and his talented team have been responsible for the website, intranet, film production, images and SEO optimization for Balance2Perform. We are incredibly pleased with the good collaboration over the years and look forward to a continued strong collaboration. My warmest recommendations to the incredibly talented and strategic forces at LION Creative.
HairsmileJeanette Velling, Founder
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I contacted LION Creative as I needed a business video for my salon's Facebook. I am so happy and delighted as the result is more than amazing!!!! I have already booked Martin to create a new website for Hairsmile at the beginning of the new year!!! Never have I experienced such a sweet, honest and warm person, and when personality and the result of the task go hand in hand, I can ONLY give all my best recommendations!
Finance Sector Training Center
Finance Sector Education CenterMartin Hjortshøj, Head of Digital Learning
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I approached Martin from LION Creative after several recommendations. We wanted to find a partner for our digital learning department with skills in animation videos and commercials. It turned out to be the perfect match.
Eva Fischer
Eva FischerEva Fischer, Family Business Expert
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LION Creative has produced my new, beautiful website and has been responsible for all video production and images on my platform and SoMe channels. I am incredibly happy with the expertise I am constantly receiving, it is extremely important to me that I have partners who can help with the strategic, digital tools so that I can focus on the things I do best. That is, advising family businesses.
Frislund Racing
Frislund RacingKim Schustin, Manager
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There is no more professional approach to tasks. LION Creative and Martin are truly an inspiration. I can only recommend having a chat with them if you are considering a marketing assignment.
MEGGITTKarina Paludan, Head of Marketing
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At MEGGITT we needed a professional video about our company and show the world what we do and the people behind our brand. We had been recommended LION Creative by some good colleagues in the industry, and WOW, we are just SUPER HAPPY and overwhelmed by the SUPER GREAT result. The film that the LION Team has produced brings great joy to all our employees and partners.