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Increase credibility and conversions with authentic testimonial videos
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Boost your business credibility with authentic testimonial videos.

We live in a time where consumer trust is more important than ever before. How can you convince your potential customers that your product or service is the right choice? With our authentic and trustworthy testimonial videos, you can boost your company's credibility by getting others to talk about your products and services.

Testimonial videos are powerful tools that bring real customer reviews and experiences to life. They offer a unique opportunity to show your customers that you deliver on your promises and exceed their expectations.

Do you want to build trust and convince potential customers of the value of your products or services? At LION Creative, we specialize in producing professional testimonial videos that highlight genuine customer experiences and strengthen your company's credibility.

We understand the importance of authentic recommendations and the impression they make on potential customers. Our experienced film crew and creative experts work closely with you to identify the most satisfied customers who can share their stories and positive experiences with your brand.

"Word of mouth spreads like wildfire

It's always stronger when others recommend you.

It's nicer to have someone in your network, such as a former customer, recommend you than to have to sell yourself. It's always more convincing - not least because we as humans would rather go with a good gut feeling when buying something from someone.

With our tailored approach to testimonial video production, we dive deep into each customer's story and help them convey their experiences in a compelling way. We make sure to create a comfortable and trusting atmosphere during the recording that allows your customers to express themselves freely and honestly.

Our expertise in testimonial video production is wide-ranging and we can customize videos for different industries and business types. Whether you're a service company, a retailer or a B2B company, we create testimonial videos that appeal to your specific audience and convince them to choose your brand.

Boost your business credibility and convert potential customers into loyal followers with LION Creative as your trusted partner for testimonial video production. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let's create compelling testimonial videos that strengthen your brand reputation and increase your success.


Professional look

Be taken seriously by your customers by showcasing your business, products/services in a credible and authentic way.


Get more sales

With compelling, high-quality video and sharp communication, you'll attract more customers to your business.


Unfair advantage

Humans are naturally drawn to storytelling. Use video as your secret weapon and gain market share from your competitors.

Use customer opinions / testimonials as a marketing tool.

What is testimonial video?

Testimonial is a testimonial from a customer who has had a good experience with your product or service. You could also rightly call it "customer testimonial video" - testimonial video just sounds better - in short, we're talking about the same thing.

A testimonial video is a powerful marketing tool that highlights a customer's positive experiences with a product or service. Through authentic and personal stories, these videos show how your brand has solved real problems or improved customers' lives.

Testimonial videos build trust and credibility as they show real people speaking positively about your brand. It allows potential customers to see your product or service in action and hear first-hand about the benefits. In a time when consumer trust is crucial, testimonial videos are effective in building that trust by bringing real customer reviews and experiences to life.

Overall, they are a compelling way to demonstrate the value of your product or service directly from those who have experienced it for themselves.

Why use testimonial videos?

10 great reasons to use testimonial videos

Examples of testimonial videos we have produced

Play video about Oliver Bjerrehuus Testimonial video LION Creative

Oliver Bjerrehuus talks about Body Therapy // Testimonial video

At LION Creative, we had the pleasure of working with Balance2Perform, a prominent body therapy institution in the heart of Copenhagen. As part of our brief, we produced an in-depth and compelling testimonial video that brings authentic customer stories to the fore to highlight the company's exceptional services.

In this video, well-known musician Oliver Bjerrehuus shares his personal journey with Balance2Perform. He speaks openly about the years of physical pain he has experienced as a result of his career - pain that is exacerbated by the constant pressure of carrying heavy musical instruments.

It's in this scenario that Balance2Perform, led by its experienced and skilled founder, Robert Petersen, steps in. Oliver vividly recounts how the innovative and customized body therapy treatments offered by Balance2Perform have had an incredible effect on relieving his pain. He also describes how the effective training exercises and advanced breathing techniques he learned during his treatment have helped him maintain the results and improve his overall quality of life.

But this testimonial video goes one step further. It not only highlights the immediate benefits Oliver has experienced, but also brings light to Balance2Perform's larger mission. By showing how the company both helps clients like Oliver overcome their physical challenges and educates individuals to help others, the video presents an inspiring narrative about the company's role in promoting physical and mental balance in society.

In doing so, the video helps to reinforce Balance2Perform's position in the field. It conveys a credible and moving narrative that clearly illustrates the company's expertise and commitment to body therapy. It emphasizes Balance2Perform's ability to make a real difference in people's lives, not only through their therapeutic treatments, but also through their educational initiatives that aim to spread knowledge and skills to help even more people achieve balance in their daily lives. Overall, this testimonial video shows how a single customer's story can illuminate the company's overall value and impact.

Cecilie Hother talks about Vild Med Dans and Body Therapy // Testimonial video

LION Creative has had the privilege of working closely with Balance2Perform, a prominent school of Body Therapy based in Copenhagen. In our shared mission to highlight the transformative work being done at Balance2Perform, we have produced a poignant testimonial video that conveys the real impact of their work.

In this video, we hear from Cecilie Hother, a Danish TV host and former contestant on the nationally renowned dance program "Vild Med Dans". She recounts her challenging journey during the program, when she experienced increasing pain that threatened to derail her participation. Despite being in the spotlight, Cecilie struggled with pain that was becoming unbearable.

She recounts the moment when Robert Petersen, an experienced body therapist from Balance2Perform, stepped in and turned the game around for her. With B2P treatments, he helped Cecilie manage her pain and gave her the opportunity to continue dancing. Every Friday, we could see her beaming on the screen, thanks to the dedicated work of Balance2Perform.

And her hard work and perseverance, supported by Robert and Balance2Perform, paid off. Cecilie and her dance partner, Mads Vad, ultimately triumphed and won "Vild Med Dans".

This video is an excellent example of the power of authentic testimonials. It shows the real difference Balance2Perform makes in their client's lives and reinforces their credibility. It also helps position Balance2Perform as the go-to expert in body therapy. This is a company that not only offers effective B2P treatments to its clients, but also works to educate and train people who can help others achieve physical and mental balance.

Play video about Cecilie Hother Balance2Perform Testimonial video
Play video about Jorgen Boye Testimonial video LION Creative

Testimonial video for Buch Construction, carpentry.

LION Creative has worked with Buch Construction, a respected carpentry company based in Aarhus, for several years, and we are delighted to have produced a testimonial video that truly conveys the quality of their craftsmanship and their tireless commitment to customer satisfaction.

The video highlights Jørgen Boye, a customer who chose Buch Construction to extend his house with a new extension. Jørgen's experience was consistently positive, and that's exactly what he shares in the video. From the initial planning phase to the final result, Jørgen talks about how Buch Construction made the process easy and effortless.

Jørgen vividly recounts Buch Construction's empathy and professionalism that was demonstrated throughout the entire construction process. He describes how the team constantly went the extra mile to ensure that the finished result not only met his expectations, but exceeded them. With a clear enthusiasm in his voice, Jørgen speaks of his satisfaction with the new space - a result of Buch Construction's skills and dedication to craftsmanship.

But this video is not just about Jørgen's experience. It's a testament to Buch Construction's ability to deliver exceptional services across all their projects. The video illustrates their ability to build strong relationships with their customers and their constant striving to exceed customer expectations.

In addition to depicting Buch Construction's craftsmanship, the video also highlights the company's commitment to providing personalized service and attention to detail. It shows how Buch Construction's work is deeply rooted in quality, honesty and integrity, and how they always strive to create value for their customers through their expertise and dedicated work.

This testimonial video is a powerful tool that helps Buch Construction strengthen their brand and reputation as a reliable and valued player in the construction industry. It emphasizes the company's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction and proves why they are a preferred partner for many homeowners in Aarhus and the surrounding area.

Life is too short

to scare your customers away with bad video. We know how much it takes to run a business. You and your customers deserve better.

Not sure if testimonial videos are for you? Read on to find out.

After many years in the industry, we've heard all the concerns and objections people have when it comes to testimonial videos.
We've collected the most common ones below:

"Doesn't it seem too self-aggrandizing to make testimonial videos?
Testimonial videos are about sharing real customer experiences. If your customers are happy with your product or service, there's nothing wrong with letting them share their experiences. It's not about bragging, it's about showing potential customers that you deliver on your promises.

"Doesn't that seem fake? Like you've paid people to say something good about my brand or company?"
Authenticity is the key to effective testimonial videos. If the videos are honest and show real customers talking candidly about their experiences, it won't come across as fake. At LION Creative, we make sure to create an atmosphere that promotes honest and authentic testimonials. It's the stories of real people that make these videos so compelling.

"Our customers don't want to participate in a testimonial video."
Many customers are actually happy to share their positive experiences and help strengthen a brand they value. We make sure the entire process is comfortable and respectful to your customers.

"We already have written testimonials on our website."
Written testimonials are great, but video testimonials have a unique ability to create an emotional connection with the viewer. The viewer gains a deeper understanding of your customers' experiences, which can be much more compelling.

Conclusion: Testimonial videos are a valuable investment that strengthen your brand, increase trust in your product or service and have the potential to significantly improve your sales figures. Credible testimonials from real customers have a powerful influence on consumer decisions and can be what makes potential customers choose you over others.

At LION Creative, our mission is to create authentic and compelling testimonial videos that build brand reputation and trust. So how does the process work?

  1. Planning: First of all, we have an initial conversation where we get to know your business. We dive into what makes your products or services unique and who your most satisfied customers are.

  2. Test subject selection: We help you identify the best possible test subjects - those who can truly tell your story in a credible and relatable way. We always look for authentic stories that can make a real connection with your potential customers.

  3. Recording: Our experienced film crew creates a safe atmosphere during the shoot so your customers feel comfortable sharing their story. We strive to capture the genuine emotions and impressions that make each testimonial unique.

  4. Editing: In the editing phase, we bring the story to life. We make sure each video is professional, engaging and represents your brand in the best possible way.

  5. Delivery: Finally, we deliver a bespoke testimonial video ready to be shared on your chosen platforms. We can also advise on SEO and sharing strategies to ensure your video reaches the largest possible audience.

Every step of the process is designed to ensure your testimonial video is genuine, compelling and effective. Ready to tell your company's story through the voices that matter most - your satisfied customers? Contact us today to start the journey.

Here are some different terms used in relation to testimonial videos:

  1. Customer review videos
  2. Success story videos
  3. Customer case videos
  4. Testimonial videos
  5. Customer experience videos
  6. Customer testimonial videos
  7. Review videos
  8. Customer testimonial videos
  9. User experience videos

It's important to note that while these terms are different, they all aim to present customers' personal experiences and recommendations regarding a product or service.

Here is a brief description of the different video types:

  1. Customer review videos: These videos present feedback from customers who have used your company's products or services. They are ideal for showing public recognition and trust in your brand.

  2. Success story videos: Success story videos tell an inspiring story of how your product or service has contributed to a customer's success. They clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of your solutions.

  3. Customer case videos: Customer case videos dive deeper into customer experiences, describing a specific challenge, the solution your company has offered and the results of this.

  4. Testimonial videos: Testimonial videos are like customer reviews, but are typically more detailed and personal. They create a deeper connection with potential customers as they see and hear directly from satisfied customers.

  5. Customer experience videos: These videos are designed to give a first-hand insight into a customer's experience with your product or service. They're great for giving a true sense of what it's like to be a customer of your business.

  6. Customer testimonial videos: These are very similar to testimonial videos and aim to present positive experiences and feedback from your customers. They are an effective tool for building trust and credibility.

  7. Review videos: Review videos are typically independent and unbiased reviews of your product or service that can help potential customers make a purchasing decision.

  8. Customer testimonial videos: In customer testimonial videos, customers share their personal testimonials about their positive experiences and results with your product or service. They are very compelling as they come directly from the customer.

  9. User experience videos: These videos show customers in action while using your product or service. They are particularly useful for demonstrating functionality and ease of use.

Testimonial videos are incredibly versatile and can be used across many different industries. Here are some of the sectors that often utilize their power:

  1. Technology: Technology companies, including software and hardware manufacturers, often use testimonial videos to demonstrate the effectiveness and usability of their products. They help break down complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

  2. Retail: Retail businesses use testimonial videos to show customer satisfaction with products, from clothing and beauty products to household goods and electronics.

  3. Healthcare: Healthcare and medical organizations use testimonial videos to share patient stories and build trust in their treatments, services and staff.

  4. Education: Educational institutions, including schools and universities, use testimonial videos to showcase student and parent satisfaction and successes to attract new students.

  5. Financial Services: Banks, insurance companies and investment firms use testimonial videos to convey customer satisfaction and build trust in their services.

  6. Construction industry: Contractors, architects and real estate agents use testimonial videos to show the quality of their work and the satisfaction of their customers.

  7. Tourism and hospitality: Hotels, restaurants and travel companies use testimonial videos to showcase guest satisfaction and the unique experiences they offer.

These are just a selection of the industries that most commonly use testimonial videos, but the list is far from exhaustive. No matter what industry your business is in, testimonial videos can be a powerful tool for building trust and attracting new customers.

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Book Construction
Buch ConstructionRasmus Buch, Founder
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We have been a customer of LION Creative for 3 years, during which Buch Construction has really taken off. We have grown over 800% since we started working with LION Creative. Martin and his skilled team are on top of everything with marketing, film, storytelling and strategy. It's very reassuring to have someone on the team who just knows their stuff, so we can stay fully focused on the things we are good at at Buch Construction.
KPMGAnouska Wage, Talent Acquisition Specialist
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I have had the pleasure to work with LION Creative and Martin on several projects. He is very creative, comes with great input, the communication is easy and the team is flexible and hard working to meet the deadlines. And most importantly, the results have been amazing. The videos Martin and LION Creative create are a great success internally in KPMG, and externally.
Balance 2 Perform
Balance 2 PerformRobert Petersen, Founder
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Martin and LION Creative have played a central role in the creation of the Balance2Perform project, as Martin and his talented team have been responsible for the website, intranet, film production, images and SEO optimization for Balance2Perform. We are incredibly pleased with the good collaboration over the years and look forward to a continued strong collaboration. My warmest recommendations to the incredibly talented and strategic forces at LION Creative.
HairsmileJeanette Velling, Founder
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I contacted LION Creative as I needed a business video for my salon's Facebook. I am so happy and delighted as the result is more than amazing!!!! I have already booked Martin to create a new website for Hairsmile at the beginning of the new year!!! Never have I experienced such a sweet, honest and warm person, and when personality and the result of the task go hand in hand, I can ONLY give all my best recommendations!
Finance Sector Training Center
Finance Sector Education CenterMartin Hjortshøj, Head of Digital Learning
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I approached Martin from LION Creative after several recommendations. We wanted to find a partner for our digital learning department with skills in animation videos and commercials. It turned out to be the perfect match.
Eva Fischer
Eva FischerEva Fischer, Family Business Expert
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LION Creative has produced my new, beautiful website and has been responsible for all video production and images on my platform and SoMe channels. I am incredibly happy with the expertise I am constantly receiving, it is extremely important to me that I have partners who can help with the strategic, digital tools so that I can focus on the things I do best. That is, advising family businesses.
Frislund Racing
Frislund RacingKim Schustin, Manager
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There is no more professional approach to tasks. LION Creative and Martin are truly an inspiration. I can only recommend having a chat with them if you are considering a marketing assignment.
MEGGITTKarina Paludan, Head of Marketing
Read more
At MEGGITT we needed a professional video about our company and show the world what we do and the people behind our brand. We had been recommended LION Creative by some good colleagues in the industry, and WOW, we are just SUPER HAPPY and overwhelmed by the SUPER GREAT result. The film that the LION Team has produced brings great joy to all our employees and partners.